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The Train – Anywhere To Brockenhurst


The last time I took the train to Brockenhurst I was a student.  Not only was that almost twenty years ago but I also had the luxury of a student railcard, so it was a bit of a shocker when I bought my single return ticket back to London (even with a Network Railcard).  Make sure you factor in your train journey when you book this treat as the prices can be hair raising especially when you start comparing them with the costs of Easyjet and Ryanair FLIGHTS!


The upside of going by train is that you get a discount on the standard rates at the hotel, and may even get a little extra discount even if you are using a special offer.  (I believe I got another £2.60 off!)  And of course you get a complimentary pick up from the station by a very smart hotel employee, making it feel five star again!


There are many websites that can help you find the cheapest tickets, there's booking in advance, and ticket splitting… I, as you can see, usually do the half bottomed thing of turning up at the station looking a complete mess before my railcard can even be used and just buying the ticket from a harried looking ticket man while telling him my life story and about my grandma and nephew being in hospital… so he packs me off with the cheapest ticket he can find, a mix of jealousy and sympathy and (if there wasn't a glass screen between us) a gentle pat on the arm.  Still, I thought the extra few pounds worth it to arrive at the spa the minute it opens!




My single journey back to London cost £22.95 on the day with a Network Railcard.


Check the trainline for costs and see other websites for early booking deals.

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