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$39 for Grapefruit Foot Ritual (absolutely delicious) plus tip and tax $47

Vero Beach - The Healing – The Spa at Costa D'Este


Massage costs in Florida.  The prices here make even London look cheap, which was a shame as the spa here looked amazing on the website.  Luckily one of the Splash Stylists here also works in the spa, so I was able to ask quite upfront question like "is it worth the money, really?" and she was also able to point me in the direction of their current special offers (which I had seen on the website but forgotten about) and I went for a Pink Grapefruit Foot Massage.


The spa has a great shop, so even if you don't feel like booking in for a treatment do stop in here and you can pick up Costa D'Este goodies and pamper supplies.  (I picked up a Lava Shell set here and foot massager at silly discount prices.)


When you arrive for your treatment you can take a rest in their steam room (I'd advise you also, if possible, to go by way of the excellent spa bath/hot tub and get a little extra relaxing), and then relax in the spa lounge which is just beautiful and, as you would expect, has lovely relaxing music and an Eastern theme to chill you out.


My massage was excellent, I couldn't tell you the details because I was pretty much in seventh heaven from the second she started touching my feet.  My masseuse was also great when I asked if I could have some lower leg action to work out the kinks in my calves.


I could barely speak afterwards and this is when it is fabulous to be able to wander down to your own room and zonk out.  The only issue with having a pool facing ground floor room is that it's important to remember to close the blinds before you strip off, unless you keep your robe on!













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