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Garra Rufa Fish nibbling my toes at  Lagoon in Wimbledon

£15 for 15 minutes trial session at Lagoon: as at March 2011


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Lagoon, Wimbledon


Lagoon looks at a first glance like a normal nail salon (it’s not really a day spa as such) until you notice the big tanks of fish underneath each chair.


Although its slightly antiseptic vibe wouldn’t be my first choice for a relaxing spa, considering the controversy surrounding fish spas (see Garra Rufa Fish) I found it quite reassuring.  The ladies here were extremely friendly, helpful and when I said I was just having a look and might come back later there was no pressure at all.  So I changed my mind and decided to give it a go right there and then.


They checked over my feet, then washed them in the foot basin between the chairs, storing my Fit Flops cleverly in the actual steps up to the chair.  With the usual magazines on offer plus complimentary coffee or choice of tea (including green tea and white rice - very nice, and bamboo, as well as chamomile), it was a lovely sociable treatment as the ladies came over to chat, check I was okay and try to take my photo (unfortunately my new camera phone wouldn’t play ball so you just have the photos of my feet!)


When I dipped my feet into the water it was a little bit of an anti-climax, it’s a pleasant tingly sensation and... that’s it.  If I hadn’t been so busy chatting to the ladies, deciding on which tea to try and taking photos I would probably just have read my magazine and barely noticed the feeling.


They are offering a 15 minute taster session at the moment, plus a buy one, get one half price offer - so you can book one session and a follow up for half price.  A nice touch is that you can start with 15 minutes; they’ll let you know when your time is up and then you can stay on for a longer session, so you can really play it by ear... or foot.


The fish went crazy around my ankles rather than on the hard skin under my feet, and after 15 minutes one of my ankles was starting to feel a little tender, so I thought that was enough for the first time.  A couple of days later and my ankles definitely look and feel better, the fish are supposed to secrete an enzyme that also helps heal problem skin, so I do think I’ll be back and I’d like to see how this treatment works over time.


As Lagoon operates a drop in service it’ll also make it much easier to fit in to my busy schedule!


After the nibbling I had a nice foot lotion applied, but you can also opt for a proper foot massage after your treatment, or even a full pedicure or manicure.  With room for eight or so people to be nibbled at the same time, plus more space for manicures and pedicures, it’s a lovely sociable space, perfect for a hen night or birthday party too!


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