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I know how hard it can be to walk into a new class, I still get nervous when I go to Zumba Instructor events.  Remember I am still an instructor in training - learning new rhythms and steps never stops, for any one of us.


It's common to be worried about what to wear, whether you'll be able to keep up, whether you'll make it through the whole class.


So, what to wear... for your first class just wear something you're comfortable in, shoes with a little grip - plimsolls or trainers and clothes that allow you to move and, if you're a lady, a good bra!


Don't worry, it takes time for all of us to learn the steps.  I'll show and cue steps for you as we dance and the more you come to class the easier it will be to pick up new steps.  If you've ever played the Zumba Fitness video game it's a lot like that, and just like a game if I make it too easy you'll get bored and we wouldn't want that!


It's important that you work at your own pace, taking into account any injuries or problems you have, so we can talk through variations before we start.  If you feel very tired you can just walk out the rest of the class, keeping your body moving until we all stretch out together at the end.


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