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What is Zumba Kids?


Very simply it's Zumba Fitness for kids up to age 12 (for children 12 and over I'd recommend a regular class).


In Zumba Kids we adjust the class to make it suitable for children, just as, in Zumba Gold, we adapt the class to be more suitable for the over 50s or whatever class we are teaching.


There are two classes; Zumba Kids Jr. (age 4-7) and Zumba Kids (age 8-12).


The main differences are:-


- teaching style.  There's more spoken instruction and moves are broken down in a way that's appropriate for the developmental age of the child


- warm up and cool down.  Children warm up and cool down faster than adults so we take this into consideration


- movements.  We use movements that are appropriate for children's bodies and that they love - like jumping and turning (exactly the kind of thing we take out of Zumba Gold!)


- song lyrics and style.  I am more careful when choosing music for these classes that it's age appropriate (although I rarely use anything other than PG music even in my regular classes!)


Zumba Kids classes are great for all children, especially those who don't enjoy competitive sports and help integrate children who want to be in the spotlight with those who are a little bit quieter, so they all have a wonderful time in class.


I've taught Zumba Kids at schools in the area and have some wonderful recommendations if you'd like to discuss setting up a class.




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