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What Is A Zumba ® Fitness Class?


It’s “exercise in disguise” - a workout that is actually a party.  There are so many ways to describe a Zumba ® fitness class, but for me it’s part of a whole range of fun things I’ve done in the past - surfing, skateboarding, salsa - things which I’ve done for fun which have actually made me fit too.


It’s going back to being a kid again - having fun dancing around with your friends, the kind of activity where you either look up at the clock because you’re truly exhausted or because you don’t want it to end yet!


It’s always different - some teachers stick to all the Latin beats, some prefer traditional Latin, others go for Latin pop, others branch out into belly dancing, cabaret, jive, rock - I enjoy them all.  Some people prefer to stick to a single teacher - I like to be surprised.


It’s not about being perfect or looking perfect - it’s about having fun.


It’s like a party, so a Zumba ® fitness class is a really sociable get together - I never used to talk to anyone in my gym - now I seem to know everyone!  I go out with them and even get texts when I’m not in a class to see if I’m okay!


It’s a fantastic workout for your whole body.  I don’t workout in the gym much now, but if I do pick up some weights or go for a jog on the treadmill it’s so easy because doing the Zumba ® fitness classes keeps me so fit.


It’s about passion - passion for living and for fun, not just a passion for dancing!




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