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"Dance first. Think later.  It's the natural order."  Samuel Beckett


As much as I love teaching choreographed classes I also love to freestyle.


With this workshop I want to share the freedom and power of trusting your own natural dance abilities.


Working ideally in small groups of ten, in this 2 – 3 hour workshop you'll learn how to express yourself; mind, body and spirit in a safe space.


You'll learn to reconnect with your instinctive ability to use dance in a way that massages and heals not only your body, but your whole being.


Let go of fear and ego, let go of the need to fit in or stand out, let go of all the limiting beliefs you've picked up about dance and truly FREE style.


Remember the aspects of yourself you have forgotten; dancer, dreamer, choreographer, performer, storyteller.  Whoever you truly want to be is already within you.


Workshops are normally from £100 for a 2 hour session for up to 10 people, or can be individually booked when dates are available.


As this is a new workshop I am offering a 50% discount for the first courses booked, so call me on 07770 846 284 or email on to have a chat.





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