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Transcendental Meditation


Although I’ve always used the term “transcendental” and “transcendental meditation” to mean any meditation that allows you to transcend your state (this could mean an “in the clouds” religious experience, or just “being in your happy place” or even “being in your own bed, safe and warm”) researching for this website has lead me to a whole other definition.


Apparently not only has the term Transcendental Meditation been used to describe a specific type of meditation, but also a spiritual movement or religion and... it’s trademarked (ulp!) by an organisation (see  In this respect it refers to a type of meditation that is meant to work by using mantras alone, supposedly meaning that no concentration is required.


This is not what I am talking about, so... I’m not going to get into any debate here, I’m just going to find another way to talk about what I was going to talk about.


Alright - so I was going to talk about it as Kundalini Meditation, but apparently this is trademarked too...


Okay so this is getting quite daunting for me to write.  But I’m going to.  Why?  Because this meditation has been incredibly useful for me, and I believe that it is an essential tool if you are seeking to gain a deeper understanding of what life is all about.


Aha... I’ve thought and looked and of course come up with the right definition for this meditation: Meditation for Enlightenment.




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