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I offer Meditation Classes for individuals, companies or other groups, including colleges and schools, in person or via video teleconferencing.


I personally believe that meditation can improve anyone’s life and am very excited about helping people to discover how to meditate.


If you are a company looking to help relieve stress and tension in the workplace these classes are an ideal way to provide your staff with essential meditation or mindfulness techniques.


For individuals please contact me for details of personal meditation training or news of upcoming drop-in classes.


My meditation classes do not include yoga, or any religious content, and can be held in a business environment where people are seated at desks, or any other venue (although a class at sunset on the beach would be perfect!)


If you read Getting Ready To Meditate you’ll get a general idea of the kind of situation needed for a meditation class.


I offer special introductory offers, especially for schools, charities and NHS groups and for video teleconferencing classes, please contact me for details.  Standard prices start from £50 for a one hour class, £125 for a half day seminar (3 hours plus half hour break), or £250 for a full day course.


Please email me at or call me on 07770 846 284 for more details, and I hope you enjoy your practice.


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