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Gong Meditation


The gong meditation is probably the easiest of the lot.  Although I’ve actually been laughed at a lot for this one I don’t care, it’s genius.


For a gentle introduction I highly recommend Gurmukh’s yoga DVD - but if you can’t get hold of this, then here is a rough idea of how to do it.


First you will either need a CD of gong music - “Tibetan Gongs and Atmospheres” is the one that I use - or alternatively a gong and someone who is happy to sit and bong it for you as you meditate...


Lie down comfortably, letting go of all of your worries and cares.  Relax your body and your mind, as Gurmukh would say; even let your life go.


Listen to the sound of the gong.  Go into it like you are diving into a pool of water.


You can choose to focus on the sound or simply lie there knowing that the sound vibrations are slowly working on you.


When the music ends, or when you are ready, slowly come back into your body. Rub the soles of your feet together, rub your palms together above your heart, if you want to you can rub the rest of your body, gently waking yourself up.  Sit up slowly, relax in this position for a little while, before standing up (although you don’t have to stand up if you don’t want to.)


The gong meditation works on the principle that the sound vibrations are an ancient healing force, that work to heal you.  I highly recommend it!



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