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Healing A Relationship Meditation


This is a wonderful exercise, which Susan Jeffers recommends in several of her books.


Close your eyes, and breathe in gently through your nose, filling up your lungs, and then exhale through your mouth, expelling all the breath in your body.  Take a few deep breaths and then continue, more gently, in through the nose and out through the mouth.


Focus on your breath, letting go of other thoughts.


Imagine the person who you want to heal your relationship with.


Imagine them surrounded with gentle, loving light.  Send them love and wish them well.


A slight alternative is to send them love, honestly and openly on the out breath, and as you breathe in feel their love coming back to you.


This is actually one of the hardest exercises I have ever done.  It brings up powerful emotions, so I wouldn’t advise that you use this for a very difficult relationship if you’re on the Tube.  It has made me burst into tears before.


The most important thing to remember is this exercise can be used with anyone, no matter what the state of the relationship, it can even be used with people who have passed away.  It can also be used with people who are in your life but you may be having a hard time dealing with - colleagues who you find difficult for example.  Just keep sending love, and amazing things can happen.




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