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About Zumba Fitness ®


"Thank you so much - I've never liked fitness but I am actually doing this and enjoying it."


"The highlight of my Christmas was dinner with my family and the Zumba Christmas party."


“I really enjoyed the class on Monday, thank you so much, so I want to come again, the hardest part for me was to pluck up the courage to come along, but I am so over that now!”


“This class is the highlight of my week.”


“It’s a long time since I acted like a teenager - about twenty years!”


“Five years of shoulder pain gone in 2 months!  Thanks by the way!”


“Just wanted to say that I am so glad I came tonight, your class is amazing and I enjoyed every min of it.. I am definitely coming every week.  Thank you for inviting me and my mum the experience was brilliant.”


“...just had to tell you I am wearing my size 12 cropped jeans!! I haven’t been able to fit into them for the longest time!”


“I put on a skirt last week that used to be too tight for me and it went straight on.  It’s even a little bit loose so it’s definitely working.”


“Thank you for introducing us to Zumba.  Had such an amazing time.”


“Thanks to Zumba I can now get in size 10 trousers again. I haven't even had to diet. Thanks pearl for making Zumba so much fun x”


“Zumba today dominated by African rhythm that made me feel like I broke away from the land, physically and mentally. arrangement of dancing-master. very artistic All this meant that I am very happy” (Comment on Maputo dance)


“You’ve brought me back to normalcy.” (Comment after recovering from four serious operations.)


“My trousers are falling down!”


“Many thanks for all your hard work and commitment to Merton Priory Homes’ fitness campaign, it's been a great pleasure working with you...”


“Thanks very much for this morning's class - I loved it, and it feels so good to be finally doing some exercise after having my daughter!”


“I didn’t think I’d be able to keep up but I did and I had a great time!”


“I’ve been going to keep fit classes for years and that’s one of the most enjoyable classes I’ve ever been to.”


“It doesn’t feel you’re doing exercise at all.”


About Zumba Gold ®


“You’re doing magic.”


“That balance one is so good.  It’s stopped my giddiness.”


“Those endomorphins are great - I was going until 9 o’clock last week.”


“It's cheer up time”.


“You give us our va va voom.”


“I really love the classes and they are more than a way to keep fit. I feel happier and I do look forward to every Wednesday.”


“I loved every track.”


“I woke up the next day and I didn’t have the usual pain in my back getting up.”


“Thank you for bringing Zumba into my life.”


About chair based Zumba Gold ®


“That reminded me of my mum and brought my childhood right back to me.”


“I thought I was going to stay in the chair for the whole class but I had to get up and dance!”


“That’s the best I’ve ever danced in my life.”


“Well, you've definitely put Zumba on the map for our Tuesday Rendezvous Group.  Everyone thought it was fantastic!”


About Zumba Kids


“I am writing to tell you just how fantastic your Zumba classes have been for our children!  After 3 weeks of lessons we are still receiving glowing reports about the classes.  The children who usually do not enjoy physical education have been very positive about Zumba because they find it so much fun.  We sincerely hope that we can continue working with you in the future.”


“...what a fantastic response !!! My class (Year 5 ) loved everything about it, all 25 of them, the moves, music, dancing in the circles, everything ! They are looking forward to your next visit.”


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