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Zumba ®  FAQ


What is a Zumba Fitness class?


What is Zumba Gold? (low impact classes)


What is Zumba Gold chair?


What is Zumba Kids? (classes for kids) (previously known as Zumbatomic)


Do I have to be able to dance?

No.  As long as you’re moving you’re exercising, you don’t have to get the steps right, or be in time with the beat, just smile and have fun.  If you don’t like the steps, just do something and you’ll soon find you’re getting a great workout.


What level should I start at?

There is only one level of Zumba ® fitness class, but there is a specialty class called Zumba Gold ®. designed especially for the deconditioned adult if you want a gentler start.


For most people in good health you can start with any Zumba ® fitness class. As you get used to the classes you’ll generally get more of a workout from putting more into the moves or making them bigger - but you should be able to work out at your own level in any class.


What should I wear?

Some people do dress up - but when you get started just wear whatever you’re comfortable wearing to the gym.  People do worry about what shoes to wear but I’ve seen people wearing every kind of shoe - wear some that you’ve broken in to get started and then ask your teacher what they recommend.


See also Zumbawear


See also What To Wear - Sports Bras


What should I eat before/after class?


What kind of steps do you do?

Common steps for Zumba ® fitness classes are merengue, salsa, cumbia and reggaeton (a lot of stomping!) often some pop and belly dancing gets in there too - but every class is different, and you don’t need to know any of these before you start.  If you want an idea of the rhythms check out My Music.


What size are the classes?

It depends on how many people show up!  I’ve been in classes with as little as 3 people (including the instructor) and as many as 50 (which is when you have to be careful with any big moves!)


I’m not comfortable dancing in front of other people, but I’d like to try a Zumba ® fitness class, what do you suggest?

You could always try a one to one training session - yes, you can do it in your living room or bedroom too (that’s why they sell so many DVDs!)  If you want to talk to me about individual training drop me a line on or 07770 846 284.


A lot of people are nervous about coming to a Zumba ® fitness class (me included!) because they worry they’re going to look bad or people are going to be staring at them.  But when you do look around the class, you’ll realise that no one is looking at you because they’re all focused on what they’re doing.  In all the time I have been going to Zumba ® fitness classes (and that’s easily over two thousand classes!) I have never, ever heard anyone say anything negative about another person’s dancing.  It could be because we’re all super nice people - but I think it’s because that’s not what this class is about.  The only comments anyone makes to me are that I “really go for it” which I always take as a compliment!


There are no dance judges here!


What is a Zumbathon?

Don't worry it's not 26 and a bit miles of Zumba Fitness!  It's just a charity event where we try to raise money for a specific charity.  All official Zumbathons are approved and run as agreed by the Zumba Home Office including exactly how much money goes to charity.  Our Zumbathon in October 2012 raised over £1,500 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer in the UK - we were very proud!  In 2013 we raised another big chunk for Samaritans, and in 2014 we raised money for Augie's Quest, researching motor neurone disease and more.


What’s with all the ® signs?

Well, as I am an official Zumba ® Instructor I have to follow the rules, which is to include the trademark sign - oh yes and I also have to include this info: ZUMBA ® and the Zumba Fitness logos are trademarks of Zumba Fitness LLC, used under license.  Done!





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