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Meditation For Enlightenment


Okay, this is the heavy one.  Most of the other types of meditation I’ve talked about can be practised by anyone, regardless of religion or spirituality - many of them are just a good common sense way of looking at travelling or relaxation.  This one asks and answers more profound questions about spirituality and for that reason feel free to look away now.


I’ve read a lot about meditation, mainly from Buddhists and so this is derived from some of those theories, and it is my way essentially of achieving enlightenment or nirvana through meditation.


I can only talk about my own personal experience, and it is very personal, so I am telling you this in confidence and don’t go spreading it around.


The root of Buddhism is that by letting go of desires we let go of suffering.  Meditation is an important part of that process.  If we can let go enough, the idea goes, we can achieve an enlightened, nirvana or a “god” state.  Why then, when someone can do this would we choose not to stay in this state at all times?  Well I’ll tell you, by achieving this state we can see more clearly, and understand that we are spiritual beings on a human journey, and that being human is more important than staying in such a state.


Anyway, whatever the theory, this is the practice for me.


I usually begin with some of the other meditations, to calm and clear my mind.


I then move on to a kundalini or zen meditation; remembering that we are all one, that the energy that moves through me moves through every other thing in the universe, the trees, the rocks, the air, we are all one.  The air that comes from the trees becomes part of me, and so on.


I feel the interconnectedness running through me, I accept that I am everything and everything is me, and then it happens, I am at one with everything and full of light, love and bliss.


Sometimes you can choose to stay in this state for as long as you like, sometimes it is interrupted.  It can be achieved in many ways.  I don’t actually attempt this kind of meditation very often.  Why?  Because it is enough for me to have experienced it, to know in my heart that we are all interconnected, but to understand that we are not all meant to be Buddhist monks.  That knowing that I can free myself from desire allows me to enjoy human pleasures and desires without being ruled by them.  That I believe as spiritual beings we are eternal, but that we have one life to enjoy here and now.  (Without getting deep or anything.)


If you were wondering about my spirituality I am a Christian, and the peace and comfort I derive from meditation is the same as the peace and comfort I derive from praying.  I believe what I believe based on what I have experienced in meditation and prayer, on what I have experienced when I have opened my heart and mind and listened very carefully.


But that’s just me.  I hope that, whatever background you are from, some of these exercises will be of use to you, and maybe the best advice I can give is not to take it all too seriously!  After all, sometimes when I have been seeking serious answers from the real me in a meditation the best answer I have got is to get out there and do running bombs... it’s what’s right for you at the time!



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