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What To Eat


Okay this is not going to be about diet (much), but about eating to get the most out of your class.


There are certain instructors who shall remain nameless who have made me pretty sure I was about to lose my lunch during some of the more energetic tracks, and erm... I did once have to run to the bathroom when I risked a cheeky hot chocolate a few minutes before the class.  (Don’t worry I haven’t had anyone having a mishap in my class yet - but I have had a few people complain when they’ve eaten a little bit too close to the off!)


So here’s a breakdown of what I find I can eat before, during and after a class to keep my energy levels and help me enjoy it!


Generally I try to avoid eating anything for about 3 hours before a class (2 hours before a Zumba Gold class).  Unfortunately this also includes milky drinks like hot chocolate or anything with a ccino in it.  I find tea and regular coffee are okay.


Things I can have all the time:

Jelly Belly Sports Beans and generic sports drinks (even during a class).


Things to eat 3 hours and more before your class:

Good quality wholemeal carbs, like wholemeal pasta, wholegrain bread, wholegrain pasta will give you the energy to really go for it!


A healthy source of protein; cheese, chicken, fish, red meat will also give you low GI energy.


Lots of vegetables and fruit high in potassium - which is the most important ingredient in all those sports drinks and sports beans!


And make sure you drink lots of water.


What to eat after your class:


Anything you like, you’ve earned it!


A good source of protein within 2 hours of exercising.  If you want to tone, i.e. build muscles in all the right places, your body needs protein to build them.  No protein - no muscles.


Make sure you drink lots of water and hydrating drinks, including hot chocolate and anything with a ccino in it!




Hot chocolate... much better after class than before!

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