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What Is Zumba ® Gold Fitness?


Zumba ® Gold Fitness classes have been designed primarily with the over 50s in mind, but are also perfect for anyone who wants a low impact workout or a slower introduction to Zumba ® Fitness (and they still give you a great workout).  They can be done in a chair or standing, or a mix of the two.


My Classes


What’s the same?


The great music!


The atmosphere – it’s all about having fun with your friends (whether you bring them with you or make them here!)


The sweatiness – make sure you bring a water bottle and a sweat towel.


What’s new?


No jumping or hopping.


Very little twisting.


Slower steps.


More warming up!


Work to improve your balance.


You can do it in a chair too!


Variations for those with hip problems, people in wheelchairs and more!


Who is Zumba ® Gold Fitness right for?


Anyone who is worried about falling – it’s slower!


Anyone with knee and joint problems, because there’s no jumping!


Anyone who wants a workout for the mind as well as the body!


Pregnant women who might prefer a slower workout.   (Please note due to insurance restrictions all pregnant women must have a doctor's note and does not cover women in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy or 6 weeks after a natural birth and 10 weeks after a c-section).


Anyone in a wheelchair or who might like a chair for support.


Anyone with vision problems – there is more vocal explanation.


Anyone returning to fitness after a break or illness.


Anyone with balance problems.


Anyone with hip problems – we do variations with no leg crossing.


Anyone who would just like a slower introduction to the different moves!




(The only exception is children – children are only allowed with prior consultation and in very special circumstances.)


If you’re still not sure if it’s for you – just ask me!


For more information on what’s going on in my classes visit the Facebook Group.


You can also follow me on Twitter.


My official Zumba website is


You can check for more classes and instructors on and remember, if the instructor is not listed on here they may not be a licensed instructor!



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