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Looking for Zumbawear?  Then you’ve come to the right place!


Here is some of the Zumbawear I currently have available (it does change rapidly!)


Wonder trousers – Large £20

Wrist sweatbands £7.50 for one

Zumba T-Shirts - one size £10

Socks (up to ladies size 6) £5

Headbands £5

Bandanas (including Party in Pink) £5

Sweat towels £10

Feel The Music rings £5

Rubber bracelets £2 (or 8 for £10)

Zumba Gold Bracelet charm/keyring £5

CDs - £10


I only carry a small amount of stock but can order anything from the official site.  You get free delivery and I make a small commission.  (I am also happy to advise on sizing and recommend items which have worked for me!)


I also do pop-up shops when we hold major events and, as you can see, I break down multi-packs so you can buy just one instead of a pack of 3 (or even 12!)  ...and you can also get hold of these goodies by coming to class and earning rewards for  attendance!


Our launch party pop up shop

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