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Me (Pearl) at Zumba Convention

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Hi there and welcome!  I'm Pearl and I took my very first Zumba class in January 2010, not realising it would change my life!  I quit my job and thought I'd just see what a B1 Instructor Training was like in November 2010...


Wait a minute, first I need to apologise for not updating this page since October 2016, when I quit my life in Wimbledon and went on Camino (or pilgrimage if you will), I've been travelling since then and have been around the world.  I know that it's confused some people to go to my blog and try to figure out what was happening with my classes - I tried to get them all covered and continuing but I understand some of them closed pretty quickly after I left.


So, before I say any more - I'm not currently teaching weekly classes in the Merton area, if that is what you're looking for then click here for, put in your postcode and find other classes listed in your area (you can also search specifically for Zumba Gold!)


If you want to find out about my classes, because yes I can pretty confidently say I am going to be teaching again then please sign up to my newsletter.  These will probably be masterclasses and retreats (I would love to do a retreat with Aqua Zumba because the Richard Gormley masterclass I did at the last Zumba Convention is still one of the best experiences of my life).  Click here


Zumba Fitness changed my life (and my body!)  I went to lose that January weight, but I ended up losing so much more; body hang ups, my job!, my flat, my grief from my last break up, from a bereavement, then it found me a new love and helped me through that break up too, it brought me thousands of new friends, it took me around the world, first with the music and guest teachers in England and then physically took me to Florida, Miami, Mexico, Hawaii and to the mystic Far East.  What can't Zumba do?


But I had to take a break from teaching, had to allow space back into my life (because it is so easy to fill up your life - and your wardrobe with Zumba! not to mention your social media space!) and had to let go of the wonderful people in my classes, because I needed to go alone and deep into my own life.  I had to stop the music and be in silence so I could hear my own thoughts, my own heart and find my own peace.


...and then come back.  I just attended the Zumba Academy in London with some of the greatest Zumba Instructors in the world, but from a new perspective I can see that they are not just this...  They are some of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time.  I have read so many self help books, spent years with a great therapist and had thousands of healings around the world, but the practice of teaching Zumba, standing up and giving everything, without letting ego take over, is the toughest mind, body, spirit workout anywhere, and I am so, so grateful for their wisdom, for their instruction, that whatever I do, my business is always about serving the students (or as we prefer to call them in Zumba - participants).  And more than that I am grateful for my participants, with whom I have spent some of the best days of my life, who brought me back to life, who have shown me such courage, shown me miracles and who have been my greatest teachers as well.  They all helped me to let go of my ego and find the real Pearl underneath, who it turns out is an author and speaker, and so I hope moving forward to be able to create a practice that allows me to give everything I have to give - not just Zumba, to find a way of sharing that is balanced, to find my pona (that's Hawaiian for balance).


I can't wait to see you in class, all my love, Pearl x


P.S. My official Zumba website is so you can check all my trainings and that I am a legitimate instructor!







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