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Angel Healing


My friend, Hayley Felton, had just qualified in this treatment so I had the great privilege of being one of her first clients.  There's no massage and you remain fully clothed, but you still lie on a massage bed for about an hour, while Hayley works with the angels to heal you.


Like Reiki there's every chance that you may feel nothing,

but on this occasion, and on the next occasion (when Hayley did this as a distance treatment) I felt like I was letting go of my problems, feeling a deep sense of peace and, at the end, when Hayley talked about some of the thoughts that had come to her through the session I felt that something very special had happened.


One of the lovely gifts from this treatment is a short affirmation and positive message that Hayley writes down for you to take away.  Mine is on a card that sits in my purse, and which is dog-eared from my constantly taking it out to read and take heart from.


See also Distance Treatment.


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