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In Water Massage


Here is my tip for any spa owners reading this, I predict that in water massage will be the next big thing.


Although the quality of the actual massage I had at the Blue Lagoon would not qualify it as one of the best, the simple fact that it took place in water made it one of the best I’d ever experienced.  If I could take any of the great massages I’ve had and have it in water, well I’m not sure I’d ever come home.


But let me rewind.


An in water massage is simply a massage that takes place in water.

There are different ways of doing even this.  At the Blue Lagoon some massages take place inside where you are seated in the water.  However my massage, and the spa’s signature treatment is the outdoor in water massage.  This takes place in a small pool to the side of the main pool, so it’s not the quietest but quite honestly I couldn’t have cared less.


You are placed on a small floating mattress

and covered over with a blanket if it’s cold.  (It was actually snowing on the day we visited, so the masseurs had to occasionally dunk us back under the water to keep us warm.)


Obviously if it’s raining, hailing or even snowing hard this may not be the ideal massage, but for us the snow held off until after our massages.


As I mentioned, although the quality of the massage technique for me wasn’t the best, it was still incredible to have my back massaged from below while I lay back and enjoyed the feel of the spa waters all around me.  Having my arm massaged while supported by the water was blissful, it actually brought tears to my eyes.


At the end, instead of having to get up from a massage table, the masseurs simply slid us over to a small area where we could lie and wake up and chat for as long as we wanted.


If you can’t find an in water massage

another option is dry flotation (completely different to flotation).  This is offered at Spa London, where I have seen the massage area.  You lie on a sealed water bed where the movement and support of the water offers a supposedly similar experience (I’ll let you know when I’ve tried it!)


See also Hydrotherm.

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