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Plunge Pool (Ice Pool)


Depending on what you’re looking for and, perhaps more importantly, the ambient temperature where you are, the plunge pool (or sometimes more appropriately ice pool) can be the best or worst thing about your trip to a spa - and often the most memorable.


Most often I see the term plunge pool

used for a discreet dipping pool (often private) attached to the kind of luxury exotic hotel room that makes us all green with envy (even if you’ve already stayed in one).  Actually it’s usually “private plunge pool” and refers to a little pool that you can dip or plunge into to cool yourself down.  Of course if the temperature is truly scorching then this is probably just as pleasant (if not more so) than a dip in the sea.


However my experience of plunge pools has been slightly different.


My first experience of a plunge pool

was at the Korean Hot Springs in Los Angeles (I really should add a review of this place but as my visit was 10 years ago I’m not sure how up to date it would be!)  Anyway I was suffering with really bad back pain and, although the hot pool was a great relief, nothing compared to the absolute pain killing effect of the cold plunge pool.  If you have ever experienced a nagging sort of pain that you fight for days and days, just getting it into some kind of respite so you can sleep, then you’ll understand how I felt when my back hit that cold water and the pain finally left.  The fact that I was standing in cold water up to my shoulders was not even an issue.


Having said that, it’s another thing to get into a pool of cold water if you’re not in pain.

This was how I felt about the cold plunge pool at Spa London.  Oh it was cold.  I managed to get in up to my knees before I started to worry about frostbite.  Yes, it’s as refreshing as a dip in the ocean, but more like when you see people who jump into the sea at Christmas time.  Brave, but it’s not for me.  (Unless my back really hurts!)


I recommend Spa London (reviewed in London Day Spa Retreats).

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