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Literally thalassotherapy means any therapy using sea water or seaweed,

although it can sometimes be used to describe water therapies in general.


So if you've had a dip in the sea that's a thalassotherapy session!


The Acquapura Thalasso and Spa Centre we visited in Croatia takes it further with some quite scary sounding seaweed treatments, plus sea salt and mud ones too. ¬†Sadly we couldn't book any treatments as we left it too late, but even if we could have booked treatments I think that we would have been going for the massages, and even the chocolate slimming treatment (how's that for a contradiction) before the Mud Bermuda Shorts!


In France you'll often see the term balneotherapy

which means any kind of bathing treatment, or even drinking medicinal waters, whereas in England we've tended to rely on "spa" to cover everything.



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