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For years I was scared of hypnotherapy.

It wasn’t that I was sceptical of it, after seeing my then boyfriend get hypnotised at university into thinking he was a stripper and stopping just short of The Full Monty, I had a healthy wariness of hypnosis.


When I started working with a psychotherapist and life coach I knew that she also practised hypnotherapy, and it was something that I had no intention of trying.


But after several years and a panic attack in a flotation tank I realised that underneath whatever progress I had made through the slow route of psychotherapy and even life coaching I still had major trust issues.  When the chips were down in the dark of the flotation tank I panicked and I wanted to know why.  So I scheduled a hypnotherapy appointment.


I know that I came to hypnotherapy at the time that was right for me, and so my first word of caution is to make sure that, if you want to try this, that it feels right for you in terms of the when.


I was also lucky that I had build up a great relationship of trust with a hypnotherapist and I had no doubts about the who.  Of course I would always say to only try this with someone you really trust.  Or, of course, my therapist, Joyce.


I suppose I felt that inside of me there was something wrong, something holding me back, and I was very scared about having hypnotherapy, but I also felt that whatever darkness there was in me I was ready to bring it into the light.


There were moments, as we were doing the whole counting down thing that I was thinking, “this isn’t working, this is just cr*p”, and, as she told me that I was going to see something or say something, my mind was a complete blank, and then... it all came together, suddenly I was completely relaxed, suddenly I saw things completely clearly.


And the answer to what darkness was hiding there?  It’s the answer that I keep having to rediscover; that it’s our strength, our brilliance, our light that so often we are hiding from.  The result of the session was that I realised there was nothing to be afraid of, all that was hidden under the good stuff was just more good stuff, in fact even better stuff.


I’ve experienced hypnotherapy a few times since then, and it’s also wonderful for helping me to move past blocks I’ve built up.  If you really want to change something in your life, or explore deeply, or just change your perception, then I highly recommend hypnotherapy with a trustworthy professional.


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