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Eyelash Tint


Although I'm not a great one for the dyeing and waxing side of the spa menu; I prefer decadent relaxing to painful waxing, this is a treatment that I find incredibly useful as I have very pale but plenteous eyelashes.  Having an eyelash tint before heading off on holiday means my eyelashes look good in the pool and on the beach and I only need one coat of mascara to make them really pop.


Most spas and salons will require that you do a colour test, so pop in at least 24 hours in advance so they can dab on a little colour, usually behind your eye.  You're not supposed to wash it all, but this is hard if you shower.


When you choose your colour you may be offered blue black, which, if you have blue eyes like me, supposedly makes your lashes look even darker.


This treatment usually takes place in a treatment room and you lie on a massage bed, so if you have a good spa this can actually be made into a relaxing treatment (especially if they give you a hand and arm massage while you're waiting for the dye to work).  The therapist will apply a protective pad below your eyes to prevent the dye touching your face or getting into your eyes.  Then the dye is applied to your lower lashes, you'll be asked to close your eyes and dye is applied to your upper lashes.  Then you normally just lie quietly for a few minutes while the dye works.


If you're in a great salon or spa they will leave the dye for long enough that it is no longer irritating to the eye (or at least that's what one therapist told me) so that there is no danger in removing it.  However sometimes, when removing the dye, a little can go into your eye, at which point a good therapist will offer you cotton pads soaked in water so you can irrigate your eye.


I have had a few treatments when the dye has gone into my eye before removal and this is very unpleasant, and usually requires you to wash out the eye and start again.  I had one unpleasant therapist who just said "give it a minute and it'll stop" rather than handing me cotton pads.  Obviously I don't go back there.


The main reason I am including this is that when I first started having this treatment it was always painful and boring, then I had it in a few places where they give you a hand massage and five star treatment and it didn’t hurt at all, so do keep trying if you like this treatment to find a really top quality therapist.








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