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Hot Stone Fusion Massage


I’d never had a traditional hot stone massage, despite, it feels, like seeing it in every spa brochure.  To be honest it felt like a bit of a waste of money to pay someone to stick some stones on me.


Anyway, when I saw the Hot Stone Fusion Massage on a treatment list I thought it sounded a lot more worthwhile - and it was.


The therapist uses both her hands and the stones to massage your body.  The stones are sat in hot oil, so that when they are used on your body they release both oil and heat to any areas of tension.  My therapist used her hands to gently massage and read my body, finding the knots of tension, and then using the stones whenever a little extra was needed.


Although the therapist is using stones this is not a hard massage, it’s actually very gentle, and what I particularly liked about it was that heat, rather than pressure, was used to release tension (as I am not a fan of deep tissue massage).


I’ve been informed by one of my massage therapist friends that ideally you shouldn’t be able to tell which is the stone and which is the therapist’s hands, but to be honest the heat and the oil kind of give it away.


I thoroughly enjoyed my hot stone fusion massage, it left me feeling very relaxed and tension free and I’d highly recommend it.


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