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Facial Rejuvenation - Natural Face Lift Massage


This is my all time favourite massage and one I try to indulge in as much as possible.


As a beauty treatment, it works.  Dee usually slightly alters the treatment for your first session, treating one side of the face independently of the other - which means that halfway through you can stop, look in the mirror and see the results for yourself.  It is quite freaky to see one side of your face “lifted”, particularly one eyebrow looking like it is doing a Mr Spock without any effort on your part.  You can also see where wrinkles and lines have just disappeared.  My reaction was “quick, do the other side!”


As a relaxing treatment it really is without equal.  I regularly fall asleep but bizarrely am often just awake enough to hear myself snore (although if I ask Dee she always says that she couldn’t hear me snoring - she’s so tactful.)  Although Dee only treats the face and neck, my whole body feels more relaxed afterwards than if I had had a full body massage.  When I had a trapped nerve in my shoulder I suffered through some painful deep tissue massage which only made the problem worse - one session with Dee and my shoulder was completely relaxed.


As you can hear I can’t recommend this treatment enough.  I had a six week course before my sister’s wedding and loved the fact that a couple of deep lines which had appeared on my face after losing weight just disappeared.  Unfortunately, after losing even more weight and not making the time to visit Dee, one of those lines has reappeared, but I’m not stressed about it because I know that a few sessions with Dee and it’ll be gone again!


So, you’re probably wondering what actually happens in the treatment?  For a start there are no creams, Dee uses a very gentle touch and the natural moisture on your face.  She starts with a relaxation of your neck and shoulders before moving on to the face.  It feels sometimes as though someone is rubbing your face (a bit like erasing the lines) and she also turns your head during the treatment to work on your neck.


During the first six weeks one of the major impacts of the treatment is that it rebalances the oils on your skin, unfortunately this does mean a slight “swing” to the other side of the scale - for me, with dry skin, I had a couple of greasy weeks and a bit of a breakout of spots, but then my skin settled down to being lovely and balanced.  (I guess if you have greasy skin you might find you have a little bit of dryness?)  You’ll be pleased to hear that in follow up treatments this doesn’t happen.


My only other problem with this treatment is that I am so relaxed and cosy (Dee wraps your body up nice and tight) that I am in real danger sometimes of just rolling over (as I do in my sleep) and rolling off the table - but I am sure Dee would stop me from really doing it!


Thanks Dee and I’ll be back soon!

Around £50 for an hour’s treatment.  Discounts usually available for a 6 session course (or longer).
Visit for more information or if you would like to book a treatment.

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