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Body Scrub


This is a popular alternative or addition to a massage - if you have the time and money it’s a great way to start a massage experience as it exfoliates and allows all that massage oil to really get to work.


Body scrubs made of oil and salt are particularly popular - if not quite as effective as the traditional gommage.


The body scrub is usually applied by the same person who does your massage and I’ve always found them to be a relaxing experience.  Personally I prefer to only have scrubs in spas that have shower rooms attached or inside the treatment room - otherwise you can end up having to wrap up in towels to get to the shower and then it’s all a bit messy and less stress busting than one would like.


If you’re feeling particularly decadent I’d recommend The Spa At Mandarin Oriental London as, when the oil cools it can be a bit chilly - here you just raise the temperature of the massage bed.


It’s possibly one to miss if you are particularly modest, as the scrub is usually applied to your bottom and as close to your breasts (if you’re a lady!) that it’s impossible to keep them from view.


It’s also possible to have just a back scrub - so a great taster - but I’d still choose a spa with a shower in the room!


For a first rate Body Scrub I recommend Tian Spa, Park Hyatt Beijing (reviewed in Beijing Spa Princess).

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