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Volcano Scrub
(Blue Lagoon)


Now you know how I love to try new things, and I am like a kid in a candy store when I visit a spa that has stuff I’ve never tried before (and just as disappointed when I find out it’s the same old thing with a different name).  I was more excited about visiting The Blue Lagoon than any spa since, oh the Mandarin Oriental, and it really didn’t disappoint.


Aside from the exceptional location and panache with which they embrace their culture, whether it’s the slightly grumpy outdoor masseurs wrapped up against the cold or their algae themed desserts, what I love about this spa is that they take it so seriously on the one hand and make fun of it with the other.  And sometimes you don’t know which they’re doing.  For example there is a serious amount of scientific research that goes on here developing cures for psoriasis and other skin disorders, looking in-depth at the nature of the algae and its properties, but you can also buy plastic glasses of beer at the swim up bar.  So... I am still not sure if the volcano scrub is a serious, highly naturally effective treatment or are they having a joke with the tourists?


And, after trying it I am still no wiser.


You can buy a frozen pellet of volcano scrub, or their algae face mask at the swim up bar.  The idea behind freezing is that there’s no packaging to recycle (or get into the spa waters) and you just wait for the heat of the water to defrost your treatment.


Then you can either use the product on yourself or get a friend to scrub you down with it.


The volcano scrub is made with fine lava from the lava field surrounding the Blue Lagoon, so it’s akin to the mud baths of Tuscany (which I also loved).


Unfortunately it’s also a lot scratchier than that mud, (or the application was a little over enthusiastic) and I ended up with a few scratches on my back, so I couldn’t really recommend this treatment (unless you try it really gently).  So maybe next time I’ll plump for the algae face mask (now this one does have a lot of scientific research to back it up!)

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