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A spa in a hotel, obviously; the main reason I include this definition is to try to demystify the phrases Destination Spa, Resort Spa, Hotel Spa, Mineral Spa and Day Spa.  Most hotel spas also work as day spas; you don't have to be a guest to enjoy them.  The upside of hotel spas is that they're often great value if hotel guests subsidise them but aren't using them, the downside is that they can be overcrowded if all the hotel guests choose to use them at once.


Some hotel spas separate out their facilities or ask guests to pay separately, don't ever assume that if you're staying in a hotel spa use is included.

Some spas even add charges for the use of spa facilities such as pools and saunas even if you're booking treatments or you're a hotel guest, so it is worth checking the small print.


I do love being able to slip back to my room after a massage and it can be worth the sometimes higher cost of a traditional spa break, however I often find the best quality for money comes from choosing the best accommodation, the best spa and then jumping in a cab between the two if need be.


See my accompanying book "Weird And Wonderful Spa Breaks – The Guide From Pearl Escapes 2014" for some great hotel spas and tips on some great day spa and hotel combinations.



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