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Cold Showers


For all the exotic and glamorous treatments I’ve tried, the one that I’ve found the most effective for two of my “problem areas” is decidedly old school.


Losing weight is great but can emphasise cellulite and, erm... lead to certain areas becoming a wee bit saggy.  (Okay I’m talking about boobs here.)  The good news is that the treatment is pretty much free and is limited to the amount of time you can stand it!


All you have to do is turn that dial to as cold as you can stand for as long as you can stand, to see immediate tightening up of your skin!


If you’re new to cold showers try turning the dial colder very gently, and before you know it you’ll be tough enough to take a really cold blast.


Then turn it back to hot, and repeat!


If you have any muscular problems, back pain or even period pain, alternating hot and cold water on your muscles can also be a great pain reliever!


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