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For all the elaborate and luxurious massages I have had and spiritual healing I have discovered, on my trip to Florida I was reminded of one of the most important things; rest is still the king of healing.  Whereas in Naples, Florida I had to spend several hundred dollars for one hour of intense treatment, in my Key Largo hotel (Coconut Palm Inn) it was hours lying back, relaxing, rocking in the hammock that set me free of muscle pain, fatigue and, of course, seasickness.


As much as I said before I got there "there's a hammock with my name on it in Key Largo", it was much more the truth than I realised.  Worth its weight in gold!


There are four hammocks at this hotel and I never saw anyone else in one.  Maybe the appeal fades over time, but for me I can't imagine hanging out anywhere else when there's a hammock on offer, and yes it did feel much better than even lying in my own soft bed after being on a boat, so a highly recommended treatment for sea or motion sickness.


It was also surprising easy to get into.  I only got dumped on the ground once (and that was when I was carrying far too much) and it’s only inches off the ground.  I was able to get in carrying a guidebook, reading book, camera and glass of iced water (and yes I am very proud!)


Great spot for watching sunset, moon fall, sunrise and any time of day really.



Chair by the side of the river Yangshuo Hot chocolate

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