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It's a funny word and I feel it should be chiropractice or chiropracting, but apparently this is the correct name for the practice of a chiropractor.


I had a very quick taster of the treatment at my gym and agreed to book in for a proper session with the chiropractor.  Unfortunately it was all a bit more aggressive and painful than I had anticipated.  The chiropractor's table was really unusual, less like a table and more like a medieval torture device.  Essentially I laid down on it and the chiropractor used his weight on top of me to make an "adjustment"; clicking down my hips in quite a forceful way.  The table itself also drops down at the same time so it's a double whammy.


What I also found annoying was the advice I was given - that I was doing too much Zumba Fitness (too many Latin moves) and I'd benefit from a rest.  (I've since seen doctors and physiotherapists who've assured me that there's nothing wrong with Latin hip moves - in fact these are positively therapeutic as you get older.)  Unfortunately he also chose to tell me that I would need about 3 days off doing any exercise AFTER the treatment.  When your life involves a lot of exercise this is the kind of advice I feel you should be given BEFORE the treatment.


Afterwards I felt very sore and uncomfortable for a few days and actually quite resented the therapist.


For me I don't think that going to a chiropractor was a good idea. Apart from remembering what it's like to have a man lying on top of me I'm not sure I got a lot out of it...


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