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Kneipp Hose


This is one of those ones which foxed me for ages - even when I visited Spa London, which advertises its Kneipp Hose as “to cool the extremities starting at the feet and hands working over the body if desired.”  What I found was an old garden hose type attachment that quite frankly wasn’t something I particularly wanted to stand under.


But all was revealed when I visited the Mandarin Spa in Hong Kong.  Their steam room is sensational - full of Chinese herbs and aromas, but like most steam rooms, once you have been sat there for a few minutes the “oomph” of the aromas fades.  Their Kneipp Hose is essentially a shower head, with the perfect temperature setting.  Switch it on and run it over your head and suddenly the “oomph” of all those aromas hits you as if you’d just walked in for the first time.  It also means you can stay in the room for longer by cooling off every now and again.


I’ve recently got back from Tuscany and the world’s best bargain spa - and every steam room had several shower heads or Kneipp Hoses - which made all the difference, especially in the heat rooms where we were also smeared all over with mud, but that’s another story...


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