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I had an amazing massage on a Hydrotherm massage bed at Bailiffscourt.  This is like a normal massage bed but covered with heated water pillows - a lot like the beds used for dry flotation - and is the closest thing to in water massage on dry land.


Like dry flotation I would pay just to lie on this bed.


Some practitioners will do the whole massage with you lying on your back,

as the massage therapist can slide their hand between your body and the pillow, (and I'm guessing they could also do it with you lying on your front if you needed to), but my massage went the usual way, first lying on my front (which was much happier to be lying on soft water pillows than a hard bed) and then turning me over to work on the rest of my body.


It added so much to an already exceptional massage.


Another big advantage is that this is apparently much easier for your therapist and avoids stressing their hands and wrists, and as I believe that any tension they feel they can pass to you, it all adds up to happier therapists and happier clients.


You can also visit the Hydrotherm website to find other spas that use their beds.

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