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I have been confused by this description, as it is usually described as a Turkish steam bath.  Our hotel in Barcelona for example was described as having a hammam, which was actually a sauna and a steam room.  Don’t get me wrong, they were great, but not what I expected.


In Morocco and Barcelona our hammam was a hot room, with a water source, so it was somewhere between a sauna and a steam room.  The hammam in Barcelona also had a very hot steam room, a plunge pool, rain showers and Arabian water bowls and sinks, so that you could relax and refresh yourself.


In the Palais Rhoul in Marrakech you actually lie on the floor to let the heat rise up through the mat into your body.


Hammams are really enjoyable - especially when it’s cold outside - but you do have to remember to drink lots of water - most will give you bottles of water to take in if you like - or bring your own.


Some hammams are mixed, requiring swimwear, and others are single sex where you can go naked - but always check first - some single sex ones still require swimwear.


If in doubt ask exactly what the details are - don’t be embarrassed, they all seem to be different!


There are also hammam rooms which seem to be a quite normal temperature until you lie down on the shelves and feel a gentle heat rising up.  Try a hammam lounger when you are wrapped up in a fluffy dressing gown for a really relaxing experience.

Steam room
Bailiffscourt Buddhapadipa Temple, Wimbledon Blue Lagoon, Iceland

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