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Candle Massage


I was sceptical about this when it was first suggested to me at a spa open evening.  But I reluctantly allowed the masseuse to drip a little hot candle wax (!) onto my arm and give me a hand and arm massage and I was soon sold.  The candles used for massage melt at a much lower temperature than regular candles, so if the candle is held at the right height, by the time the melted oils meet your skin they are the perfect temperature.  In fact I was so sold that I booked in for a full body candle massage the next week.


Unfortunately either the masseuse who treated me that day was not so experienced with candles or she failed to take into consideration that the skin on your body can be a lot more delicate than the skin on your hands and arms.  The wax was just a little too hot for me and, added to the fact that she used a little more pressure than I like I didn't really enjoy my candle body massage as much as I would have hoped.  (And yes I did keep asking her to ease up.)


I then discovered Orli Candles at a beauty exhibition where I had a FREE! taster back massage.  Not only was the masseuse fantastic, but she also explained that with their candles, because of the type of oils used, you can literally stick your finger in the molten wax before it is poured because it won't be too hot.  Because their candles melt at a lower temperature they are a much safer way to try this treatment and they're made lovingly in Scotland with such "flavours" as Scottish raspberry as well as the exotic scents you would expect.  They also produce a hair treatment candle, allowing you to give yourself a warm wax head massage, leaving the wax on overnight before washing off in the morning.


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