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Music And Sounds


I wouldn't have thought to add this but I was at a spa yesterday and the sound level was so atrocious that I started talking to the therapist about music and sounds she could download to help the situation.


Having a choice of music available on your iPod or other music player coupled with noise cancelling headphones can be the best way to enjoy either a noisy spa or to relax at home or wherever you happen to be.


Some of these are natural sounds that you can put on repeat and are great for sleep if you have noisy neighbours.


General suggestions:


Ocean waves

Storms with thunder (great if you have intermittent loud noises from neighbours as this helps your brain to accept them as normal)

Dolphin sounds

Whale music

Gong music and Tibetan bells


Specific songs:

Weightless by Marconi Union – reputedly the world's most relaxing song and practically illegal to play when you're driving.

Farewell by Tan Dun from the "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" soundtrack

Kaulana Kawaihae by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole












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