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The marks on my back from Cupping and Gua Sha (Scraping) from Kanjung Massage, Shanghai, China

Gua Sha or Scraping


Can I recommend that, whatever you do, you don’t have a Cupping session followed by Gua Sha.  Yes, I was over eager, but a good spa or massage place should be able to advise you on what treatments go together, rather than just shrugging and scarring you.


I’d read great things about this treatment at the Kanjung Massage Centre, but it really hurt and it didn’t look pretty either.


The theory is that by scraping away too much “hot” or “cold” from the body you are healing.  Once again I lost interest when the only word I understood from the therapist was “tong” - and I finally understood the meaning - pain (ulp!)


It may have helped to clear up my stomach bug but I am more inclined to believe it was the pleasant and very relaxing foot massage at Dragonfly, and the heated pad that one of the therapists gave me for my stomach without my even asking.


Of course it could be that I just went to the wrong place, but I also read an article about a Chinese grandfather in the States who was charged with physical abuse after scraping his grandson.  So perhaps this is one I won’t be trying again...

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