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If you ever see products listed as "home spa" treatments this just simply means that these are things you can use at home to create your own spa experience.  Of course, this could just mean scented candles or a bit of massage oil - in fact you could probably create a home spa right now with bits and pieces you have around the house... a few fluffy pillows, some relaxing music, aforementioned scented candles and a little bit of olive oil (yes, this makes for a great massage).


One of the things I've learnt from going to really top notch spas like the Mandarin Oriental is that so much of the spa experience is easy and very cheap to create at home, but it is a lot easier to do  when you've just come from a spa.  Many of us need to head to the spa and get away from it all enough to bring that air of relaxation home with us.


I'm very excited to be writing a new section on this website about home escapes, including home spas, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait a little while longer for that.  In the meantime you can check out some great escape products here and there are plenty more I've already tried and tested to come!


As well as these simple products and practices there are also a whole host of high tech beauty gadgets that you'll find listed under home spa, particularly new hair removal products, as the cost of buying your own individual gadget can compare very favourably with an expensive course of treatments.  You can also still invest in the classic home spa gadget - the foot spa (of course, whether you actually use it or it just sits in the loft gathering dust is another question!)


See also Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Music And Sounds.



Lady with face mask
The Sanctuary Warming Charcoal Detox Mask - a lovely home spa treatment
Foot massage

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