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As at November 2012



Facials refer to any treatment on your face.  I know, sounds obvious when you put it like that.


Having said that, some treatments are written in such flowery language that you might not even know you're heading for a facial.  Some full body massage may include a head or facial massage, so it's worth checking.


Every facial I have had has been very relaxing, however I do find my skin reacting to a lot of products so it's never been top of my list.


My all time favourite facial massage

is the Facial Rejuvenation - Natural Face Lift Massage, which works wonders.


Other top treatments are the Bailiffscourt facial which was adapted from their menu specifically for how I was feeling on the day (I love luxury spas), and the wonderful cold stone facial at the Tian Spa in Beijing.


There are countless products for home facials, once again I recommend just lashings of olive oil, also, if you are lucky enough to have visited Morocco and brought back some argan oil this can make a difference in just one night.


Some facials may include a mask,

for home use I recommend Sanctuary Warming Charcoal Detox Mask (also available as a body mask) and this is great for clearing up small bursts of spots and unevenness.


Whatever you use, even if it is just using a cheap moisturiser (I swear by E45) you can turn your moisturisation into a mini facial; my therapist's tip is always to massage upwards and gently for best results.


As well as specific facials there are many treatments which can benefit for example your sinuses and so alleviate pressure or stress in your face.  I highly recommend any steam room, particularly the Salt Steam Room at The Spa, Dolphin Square.  The jet lag massage at the Via Spa in Helsinki Airport also works with pressure points in the back, neck, head and face to alleviate sinus pressure when flying (best money ever spent in an airport!)


Many facials also use acupressure points in the face to relax your whole body, and then of course there's facial acupuncture if you don't object to having needles in your face!

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