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Soul Plan Reading


Do you believe in destiny?  If you do then this might be a treatment you like the sound of.


Personally my experience of destiny and fortune telling has left me cold.  Not to say that it hasn’t been accurate, from tarot reading to angel cards I usually get surprisingly on the nose information, but my belief is that there are reasons we don't see too far into the future and I don't, as a rule, like to mess with this (see also Shirodhara for more on third eye and purple chakra).


For some reason I was drawn to this treatment as my friend had just trained.  The practitioner uses your full name (given in advance) to generate a computer map of your soul plan, or what you might call destiny.


Using symbols mapped onto "your life", in a way that feels similar to feng shui, she read my soul plan.


As it happens I was having an extremely "connected" moment, feeling 100% confident, calm and sure of my destiny, and everything that she said echoed what I had already been thinking, so for me this worked as a brilliant underlining and confirmation of where I was at.


Since then, whenever I feel unsure, it has helped to think back to that moment and that complete peace, knowledge and acceptance of my destiny – however messily it seems to be coming together!


(What is my destiny?  Well, as I said, sometimes you shouldn't be able to see too far into the future!)


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