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Yoga, of which there are plenty of varieties, has been practised for thousands of years and is on offer in many spas around the world, along with other mind, body, spirit classes (see Holistic Treatments for more on that definition).


Yoga can include stretching exercises, strength exercises which can involve staying in the same position for extended periods of time, heated rooms, breathing exercises, guided visualisation, balance exercises and even repetitive and fast paced movements.


I practised many types of yoga before being told by my physiotherapist that my body is actually hyper flexible, so extended stretching is not great for some of the problems I have.  I still love and use breathing exercises, but tend to do these as part of a meditative practice, and the same goes for guided visualisation.


For my body type I have found that Kundalini Yoga which is based on the idea of moving energy up the body is the best fit.  Yoga can be an exceptional healing treatment but don't be afraid to ask about and get expert advice on choosing the right type of yoga for your body, current health and goals.




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