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Dry Flotation


I was tempted by this treatment after my superb in-water massage at Blue Lagoon in Iceland, however this doesn't quite match up to that experience.  It's more in line with actual flotation, but it's a much cosier, tactile experience that hopefully won't have you freaking out about sensory deprivation as I did in my first flotation session.


I tried the treatment at Spa London in Bethnal Green where the dry flotation room is in the thermal spa opposite the steam room, so when you are having your treatment the door is locked and your privacy protected by a hospital style curtain to prevent anyone wandering in thinking it's another part of the thermal experience.


To start with you lay on a bed, and the spa attendant tucks you up in a heated blanket, pops on some heavy duty headphones, shows you how to escape should the need arise and starts the experience.  This is when water surges in from beneath you, lifting you up and giving you that lovely floating feeling, and then you're free to spend either a half hour or an hour, drifting, surrounded by relaxing music and warm in a snugly sort of way.


My friend had half an hour and said it was far too short.  I got a bit bored after twenty minutes and started wriggling around and finally freed myself after 50 minutes, partly so I could get back into the steam rooms and partly so I could use the loo.


I think the effectiveness of this particular treatment depends on the type of issue you might be having in your body.  My friend had lower back pain and found this supportive and relaxing, whereas I had shoulder muscle pain and this wasn't as effective for me as lying on the heated hammam, but I did really enjoy the first 20 minutes, so maybe I'll just stick to half an hour in future.


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