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Melmarium (or Mud Room)


This is another exquisite experience from Salon Sensoriale in the Terme di Chianciano Spa.  It sounds highly unappealing if I say down in the basement there is a room full of mud, so I’ll put it into “spa speak” - “as you glide by the subterranean Energy Pyramid you open the doors to the Melmarium, where three choices of therapeutic mud await you.”


It really is best to have a friend with you to help slather on your choice of mud, not least because it is hilarious (with the right person).


After you have coated yourself in mud,

you can then lie back on the shelves of the room to let it do its work.  In this spa you also have the choice to relax in the hotter Caldarium next door where the mud can melt and there are also Kneipp Hoses so you can cool down if you choose.

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