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It took me a while to find the right name for this whole group of experiences, as I had the name “Emotional Showers” stuck in my head as this is a common Italian translation of the type of shower that mixes colour and a different type of spray to create a particular mood.  Other names for these kind of showers include Mood Showers, Sensory Showers, Waterfall Showers, Monsoon Showers, Ice Showers, as well as the individual shower names...


Some use different coloured lights

to enhance the experience, so you can have a cold blue mist, or a hot red mist, the type of warm tropical rainstorm shower than put you in mind of a rainforest, or a cold waterfall that reminds you of... a cold waterfall.  Even more elaborate systems use lights and sound effects to create a full sensory experience.


Showers can vary in colour, intensity, temperature, sensory effects

and also can come with all kinds of nozzles.  In terms of types of shower my favourite is the kind with horizontal jets that hit your body in six different places.  The ones at the Acquapura Thalasso and Spa Centre in Zadar, Croatia were the absolute best for this.


I also particularly enjoyed the colourful ones at the Salon Sensoriale in Tuscany, and at The Mandarin Spa in Hong Kong where there were two separate shower cubicles; one for hot shower experiences, the other for cold shower experiences - both were out of this world.


Sadly most experience showers I have tried have been a little disappointing.  I always remember trying one at the Porchester Spa and enjoying the misty rainforest drizzle, until I tried pressing a few more buttons and realised that it was actually broken and it was just a random dripping - oh well.


But I have found a new top spa for experience showers, which is Senspa in Brockenhurst.  Although the side on jets leave a little to be desired, the experience showers in the ice room have lights, sound effects, aromatherapy, and are situated right next to a Kouble Douche and Ice Crash so you can create the feeling of being in a thunderstorm at sea with the waves crashing over your head - simply the most invigorating experience I can think of.

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