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Tkissila (also sometimes written as Teksilla, Teskssila and Tkssila)

is an ancient form of Moroccan massage, which I understand is now only practised by two brothers, descendants of a long line of practitioners, in Marrakech.


A cross between a massage and the kind of manipulation you might receive from a physiotherapist, the fact that it is done on a heated floor means that muscles are already relaxed and it is much easier.


Having said, there’s also a series of moves when you are quite literally thrown over the masseur’s head, which is incredibly disorientating - but not necessarily in a bad way.


For a detailed review of my experience of this treatment at the Palais Rhoul read the spa review.  Overall it’s a bit like spending the afternoon half in a nice warm waterfall, and half as a gymnast.

Palais Rhoul & Spa, La Palmeraie, Marrakech, Morocco

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