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Zero Gravity Chair


So, apparently the zero gravity chair was designed by NASA in order to reduce physical strain on their astronauts.  I get confused because I thought it was zero gravity in space - maybe this is for when they land?  The idea is that the chair tilts back raising your legs above your head, reducing the strain on your heart.  (Oh yeah I guess that makes more sense.)


For me, this is one of those things where some genius spends millions of pounds developing something that every kid knows.  It’s pretty much the same as when you lie on the sofa and hang your legs over the back of it.  If you add in the number of head stands there are in yoga and the weird positions women trying to get pregnant use, I just don’t get why they didn’t use them?


Anyway, I tried this at the YeloSpa in New York, (although they call theirs the YeloChair) fantastic spa but not the most amazing experience for me.  (I didn’t try or see their Alphalounger which looks cool!)  When the chair first went back it made me feel quite queasy - I think that maybe this should be done a bit slower, and to be honest, although this is cited as a great cure for jet lag, the last place I want to be between two 8 hour flights is somewhere that feels like being back in a plane - even if it is first class!

A zero gravity chair I happened to walk past the next day in a department store window, New York, US
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