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The coolest of the three hot rooms

at Spa London, I wouldn’t actually call this room tepid or luke warm.  I found this more to be a gentle, relaxing heat and the nice thing about this room when you visit Spa London is that, like the central hammam, it’s a wonderful temperature for just taking a break in between the more extreme thermal experiences; from the cold plunge pool to the hotter steam rooms.


Also, as many people ignore these two spaces they are often the best places for a little peace and quiet.


See Caldarium which is a lot hotter (my favourite) and Laconium (the hottest room) for more information on the Spa London Turkish Baths.


At The Spa, Dolphin Square, Senspa and other spas the Tepidarium is a relaxation room with curved ceramic loungers on which you can lie while a gentle heat permeates up through your body.  These are also called hammam beds in some other spas (which is why you need a guide!)


As at November 2012

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