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Moon Therapy


Whilst there is little scientific research to back up the idea that the full moon has a specific healing effect, in Sedona in Arizona, where the moon reputedly appears brighter than anywhere else, a group has set up technology in an attempt to harness the moon's energy and use it for healing and there have been some interesting results.


Whilst visiting Florida I experienced what I felt was a

Native American healing ritual at Clearwater,

and the movement of the moon was as dramatic as the world famous Florida Keys sunsets.  Heading to the waterside early every morning, I watched as the moon sunk lower and the sun rose.  In Key Largo I spent hours relaxing in the early morning lying in the hammock, moon bathing.


Sometimes it's hard to scientifically prove if something works or how it works, but as I always say, seek your bliss, and if lying in the light of the moon feels good, do we really need to understand it?


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