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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)


Traditional Chinese Medicine is a sweeping term which covers a wide range of therapies - herbal medicines, acupuncture and acupressure therapies, reflexology, cupping, gua sha and so on.


The good news is that as well as the more traditional Traditional Chinese Medicine, a lot of the philosophy and experience from this area of medicine has been incorporated by some of the world’s best spas.  Which means that you can experience TCM in a really safe and nurturing environment.


My favourite was the Oriental Signature massage

that I received at the Mandarin Oriental Spa in Hong Kong - probably the best spa that I have ever visited and one of only 18 5 star rated spas in the world.


Also very highly recommended are the Yin Yang White Jade Restoration Massage and Harmony Facial at the Tian Spa at the Park Hyatt Beijing - where they actually use jade balm to clear negative energy.


Generally though my favourite TCM

is reflexology, available all over the place and a lot cheaper than a 5 star spa.


I also had some herbal TCM in a capsule at the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat for my stomach bug and it seemed to do the trick - at least for a day or so.


Easy to swallow Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat

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